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    OK, so I feel as though every time I turn around I am wondering what to do with my child! He LOVES to eat solids In fact, I know I have to be cautious bc he would eat what seems to be unlimited amounts of solids and then can go a really long time without nursing (during the day( but the wants to nurse all night to make up for it So, right now we are doing Gerber purees mostly, but some other things. For Breakfast he gets one jar of stage 2 fruit; lunch either a half jar fruit/half jar veggie o sometimes nothing! (lunch is only on convenient days!) Dinner: stage 2 veggie. now, he LOVES what we are eating and begs for it. So soemtimes instead of purees we will do fruit at breakfast like canteloupe or banana, honey dew and at dinner, we have given carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple and I am sure a few other things I cannot thing of at the moment. My question is how much should I give him when giving 'real food" ? and at his age what can I be giving him? most things? (other than milk/dairy/citrus etc) I don;t want him to eat so many solids he won't want to nurse enough . . . but I do want him to get enough that he sleeps a little better . . . SO :confused. The other nght I gave dd and ds half a sweet potatoe each and ds ate his half and most of his sisters! seems like WAY too much right? so, how much "real food" should a 9 month old get?

    Wow, that was ALOT of rambling to get out a little question . . . sorry!
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    Maybe this will help you
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    I'm sort of in the same situation. I usually give my son (who is also 9 mos) two meals a day, sometimes we'll skip a meal. But he'll eat a TON if I let him. I've been hesitant to begin a third meal yet b/c he does the same thing, he wont want to nurse as much during the day and make up for it at night! He also doesn't seem like he can handle it digestively yet. Lately though he'll be kinda fussy till I give him solids no mater how much I nurse him. I thought most babies prefer less solids and mostly BM. Anyway, what I've been trying to do is make sure I nurse him right before I feed him solids and watch his cues. HTH and hopefully there's more advice from someone else out there for both of us, lol!

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    Have you tried giving him finger foods and letting him self feed?

    From what I've read - if LO feed themselves they are generally pretty good at self-regulating the amounts that they eat.

    In addition to the link that Number3 gave you - this has ideas for first solids and ideas for finger foods.
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