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Thread: Help me like nursing again.....

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    Default Help me like nursing again.....

    I have a 16 month old who used to nurse 2-3 times a day and I was okay with that. She has become a whiny, clingy, tantrumy thing lately. If she sees me, she wants me to hold her. If I'm holding her, she wants to nurse. But it's not get down to business and nurse. It's take a suck, sit up, look around, spend enough time not nursing that I pull my shirt back down and then lay down and want to nurse. Over and over again. All day long. I can't sit down for 5 minutes without her standing next to me fussing. If I try to do a chore or cook, she's whining to be picked up. I thought maybe she wasn't getting enough mommy time, but it's like a cup that never fills up. The more time I spend, the more she demands. And it's a demanding thing. She throws a holy hissy fit if I don't nurse her, even if we just got done. Playing, reading or singing to her don't work. And then, I'll let her nurse and she'll do it for 15 seconds and then pop off until she remembers that she wants to nurse again.

    The sad thing is she's fine for Daddy and at daycare. She's happy and playful for them. She doesn't want to be right up in their business all the time. But, if I show up, I can't get a break. I'm not enjoying her very much right now and that makes me sad. I have two other children and a job. I'm beginning to wish she was weaned because the on again off again nursing all day long is driving me nuts. If she would let me cuddle, hold, or rock her once in a while, we'd be okay, but no...it's all about the nursing....all day long.

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    Sometimes Shion is like that too. He wants to be held and nurse, but it`s only a few secs at a time. Some days are better than other though. And of course when he is with other kids he`s completely fine. I just try to go with the flow but he is our only child. I can imagine how hard it must be with two other children around

    How long has she been doing this? Is she working on mastering a new skill? I`ve noticed that ds is needier when he`s learning something new.
    *sigh* sorry I don`t have a better advice...

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    My dd has been that way today. I have 2 other children and a messy house. I just want to fold clothes but she has other plans. I often wonder if she is getting enough because she never nurses over 2 minutes unless it is at night. Well what can I say! She is only 6 months and I guess I am supposed to be on her agende. You are doing a good job though.

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