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Thread: a little support, please!

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    Red face a little support, please!

    Hello Ladies I need a little support right now! For the past 19 hours I have had server diarrhea and vomiting and have been unable to BF my LO. On top of this I am very dehydrated and worry that my milk will dry up. I was having supply issues last week and spent the whole week feeding every hour to an hour and half to build my supply. Now I am worried that it is going to drop or go away. It is so hard to pump because I am so sick and have only been doing it every 4 hours, will this cause a big problem. My body is so sick and I did order mothers milk plus, that will be here on Monday! Once I am able to hold down food or water I will stop taking the medication and will be able to BF after 12 hours.

    It is so hard right now, we have made it so long, 17 weeks!!!! and I am just not ready to give up yet. Last night I pumped when she ate at 2 and 6 and then at 11am and now 4pm.

    Sorry post is long, thanks for listening!!!
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    Default Re: a little support, please!

    I did not have the same experience but I am sure everything will turn out fine. Don't be too hard to yourself and drink plenty of water. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: a little support, please!

    Having a stomach bug while nursing is HARD. I was nursing and pregnant and got a stomach bug and did not eat or drink for 5 days, the last two days of that I had no milk. As soon as I began to eat again and get hydrated, my milk was back in action!

    I know it's hard and your production may decrease, the this is not the end by any means! You will get through it. Hang in there!
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    Default Re: a little support, please!

    Hope you feel better. Try not to worry, stress can affect your milk too, just rest. You'll be back to bfing in no time
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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Best wishes to you and your little darling. Hope you feel better soon.

    FWIW, If I were in your shoes and I had to choose to either pump or nurse to keep up supply, I'd probably pump. Just my $0.02 It would ease my mind a bit to do something, that is, if I were well enough and feeling up to it.

    Things will get better. Hang in there.
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    Hi, I had a stomach virus early on as well. My Pediatrician said not to bf my lo. She told me to pump and dump. If you are comfortable with it, try supplimenting for the time being. That what I did. I felt horrible about throwing away the milk but I was affraid of her getting sick. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. And don't you worry a bit. You will be back bf in no time. ya!

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    So sorry you're not feeling well. Can I ask why you havent nursed baby in those hours?

    Theres no need to pump and dump in this situation mama. Do you have help at home? Can they bring you the baby often? What has baby been eating since this started?

    Two things I need to say:

    The virus will not be passed through your milk.
    Your antibodies to the virus will.

    Read more about that here.
    And here's another link about increasing a low supply, in case you haven't seen it.

    Update us when you can

    Hydrate yourself with as much as you can, in little spurts... applesauce, gatorage anything that will stay down
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    When I was really sick with the flu bug my LC said to keep nursing because what ever bug I had the baby already had been exposed to. She said that the baby really needed my antibodies to make sure that she did not get too sick. Even with food posioning you should still nurse. I know I felt like crap and my supply did go down for a bit but I was able to get it back up with More Milk Plus vitamins and Super Food juice by Odwalla. Hope that helps!!

    I hope you feel better soon!! I hate being sick!

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