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Thread: Latched on properly??

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    Default Latched on properly??

    My baby girl "MP" is 2 1/2 weeks old. She has been a wonderful nurser from birth. We are currently deally with my abundant milk supply and OALD, by using block nursing, and that seems to be improving. (less choking and less fussy) My concern is that over the past few days she has started "clicking" while nursing. It's not the entire session, usually more @ the beginning. She is having great wet/dirty diapers, and I am not experiencing nipple pain. Should I still be concerned??

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    I remember this happening occasionally to me as well. I too didn't feel any pain. I would say that if you feel no pain, everything visibly looks ok latch wise, baby is still eating well, good output etc., that its likely nothing to really worry about. It may just simply go away.

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    My son did this too for a time, as we worked through some OALD and oversupply issues. As long as you aren't getting sore and baby is getting enough milk, then a "click" sound while nursing isn't a problem.


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