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    Michael is almost 14 months and is still nursing, about 3 times per day and maybe once at night. Basically, I nurse him when I am around, when he wants it and I have stopped pumping. He drinks regular milk during the day and nurses when I come home and before bed. Does this sound right to all of you mommas who nursed beyond a year? Michael only drinks from a cup (with and without a straw) and on tap.. he stopped drinking from a bottle when he was 10 months ( he refuses bottles).. Sometimes he nurses without any substantial amount of milk coming out.
    I also allow him to nurse throughout the night, whenever he wants it.... So is this familiar to you?

    Thanks Lori

    PS.. I want to continue to nurse, just want to make sure I am doing ti correcty... back to studying!!
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    Daniel is almost 14 months too. He nurses about 3-5 times a day. Always nurses down for a nap. Always nurses down for bed. And nurses anywhere from 4-10 times a night.

    Sometimes this changes with teething, sickness, traveling,etc.

    I truly don't believe there is a "normal" nursing pattern for toddlers.

    ETA He does drink water from a straw cup, and has one smoothie a day. He eats 2 big meals a day plus about 4 snacks. I'm pregnant, so never sure how much milk hes getting.
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    If you are happy and baby is happy then you are doing it correctly!

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