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Thread: Please Need Some Advice

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    Default Please Need Some Advice

    I would like your ladies advice on a bfing issue that I am having. Around 2-3 in the morning my son will want to eat. So since we co-sleep I latch him on and go back to sleep. During that feeding he will fall back to sleep. After that feeding is when the issue starts....

    He will sleep for awhile then get very restless and fuss slightly. It will wake me up because of how much he is moving around. I will try loving on him to get him back to sleep. I have tried the pacifer and even that doesn't work. The only thing that will settle him down is the nurse. I know that he is nursing as a comfort thing. He will do this about every hour to hour and a half until we get up at 8 or so.

    Am I creating a monster by letting him use me as his pacifer? The other concern I have is I really want to start pumping to continue my freezer supply for when I have to go back to work, but when I get up I really don't have any milk to pump out. He has been sucking me dry since 3am. Plus my nipples are so sore. I know it isn't a growth spurt b/c it has been going on or a couple of weeks.

    Please help

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    DD is 4 months and went from waking 1-2 times in twelve hours to 3 or 4 which I know is not related to growth spurt, rather sleep association, at least I think. So far I've been keeping the feedings to two and rocking the other wakings which involves more time and crying. I do not want to feed her at night repeatedly to fall back asleep and create cycle. I know it would be easier but to what end. Also DD is not waking happy in morning like she did before or getting as much sleep. My theory is as they become older and more alert, normal night wakings are also more complete and since DD does not fall asleep on her own she can't put herself back to sleep. Don't know what we are going o do but definitely have seen the more we do to get her to sleep the worse the sleep is getting.


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    Have you tried burping? When my LO falls asleep and doesn't burp, he will wake up within a few minutes to an hour fussy like that. As soon as I burp him, he's fine.
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    My son did this at one time, but we just would nurse back to sleep each time. It did seem to be a long phase, but he grew out of it on his own. I always figured that if they're hungry and need to eat then they'll eat.

    We also quit co-sleeping at about 6 months. That really helped.

    I don't think you're creating a monster. It sounds just like a phase. You could try to put some distance between the 2 of you. Could you use a basinette co-sleeper? Or maybe after the nursing move the LO more over to dad's (?) side of the bed. Or kick dad out for a couple of nights and move to the other side of the bed when you're done nursing. Maybe, if there was some distance, the squirming won't wake either one of you up.
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