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Thread: Breastfeeding to sleep

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    I nurse to sleep as well. Do what work for you and your baby. All babies are different and respond differently to things. Some experts think they are all the same so one method fits all, but it doesn't.
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    My lo is almost 3 months. I nurse him to sleep most of the time. It is a great tool, and it reminds me to slow down and just be with my baby. when I see him get kinda sleepy, sometimes he'll just be real mellow and still and cooing and talking to me, I will put him in bed and sometimes he'll just fall asleep. But I have to catch him at just the right time, befor he's fussy. This works best at bedtime, when he's pretty sleepy. If it doesn't work, then I nurse him.

    I agree with making sure they've been stimulated enough to be tired. I think sometimes that he is tired, but really he is just bored, and when I nurse him, he will fall asleep because milk has that effect on these little guys, and he will only sleep a short time.

    Don't worry about what "they" say about your baby's sleeping habbits. You know your babe the best, do what you like best.

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    I BF my son to sleep every night, because I didn't know how else to get him to sleep without stressing both of us out! I BF him to sleep until he was 6 months. Suddenly at 6 months he started pushing away after nursing. I tried laying him down, and he would turn over and go to sleep.

    I would recommend that you do what is right for you and your baby. I heard the same thing-nursing to sleep causes bad habits and baby won't go to sleep on his/her own, but...have you ever heard of a 12 year old who needs to nurse to sleep?!?! I haven't! So, I figured my son would eventually learn how to go to sleep on his own! In the meantime, I was going to do what was easiest and best for us...nurse him to sleep!

    Also several friends recommended that we CIO. Well, I couldn't do that. They told me that in the long run, he would sleep better if we did CIO. Well, we never did, and my son sleeps 12 hours at night (he's 11 months old) and wakes up occasionally to nurse (meaning every few nights he wakes up ONCE).

    Advice for a baby who won't nap...well, my son wouldn't nap anywhere except for in the swing. He napped in his swing until he was 9 months old. Again, I wasn't worried that napping in the swing would be a habit for life! Although my husband and I joked that we needed to invent a swing for a toddler so he could continue to nap in it. Now he takes great naps, and we've never done CIO for napping. I used to nurse him to sleep for all naps too until one day he decided that he didn't need to.

    Do what YOU think is best!

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    So let me see if I am getting this right. He's napping about 2 times a day and sleeps about 6-7 hours a night. That actually sounds like a great amount of night sleep You're one of the lucky ones

    Maybe, for the morning nap, try some things so that he doesnt fall asleep at the breast that first time you feed and keep him up for another 30 minutes or so??

    His eating about every 2 hours or so is typical

    Babies sleep patterns change constantly for the first year at least. So it will be a matter of getting settled in something new, and then them changing it on you at the drop of a hat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom to Alexander View Post
    As for the napping tips... can you give us an example of how a regular day goes in your house?

    We get up around 7-8 am. Alexander nurses, diaper, dress. We play on the floor for 30 mins or so. Mommy tries to eat something. Alex will get a bit fussy again so usually it is feeding time again. Then he seems tired (or has fallen asleep on breast) so I try to put him down for nap. HE may sleep for 20 mins but then he is awake again ready to play. Sometimes I go to a mom's group at 10:30am or else it is 1:30. Midafternoon we willl go for a walk if it is not too cold. Alex consistently eats about every 2 hours then sleeps 6-7 hours at night.
    Alex used to regularly nap at about 10:30 (for an hour)and then again at about 3pm (for 2-3 hours)
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