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Thread: question about usage

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    Default question about usage

    My mother would like me to ask a question.....

    She would like to know if anyone knows if anyone has breastfed while taking progesterone (wild yam) cream, and if this is ok? does it pose any risks to baby?

    thank u

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    I don't know. I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on the internet ), but I was able to Google up this info:

    There are tons of articles out there. Maybe search Susan Weed's books, too. She is an herbalist that has studied herbs in pregnancy and lactation.


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    Default Re: question about usage

    I'm a PhD who teaches pharmacy school students (i.e.,not an MD) and I've not used this item... However some info that might pertain is this..... the recommended chemical contraception for breastfeeding moms is progesterone-only type meds (mini pills, hormone-releasing IUDs), so in theory, the cream shouldn't be a problem based on the progestin. However, items like that aren't regulated as pharmaceuticals may or may not have contaminents that could be an issue. It's probably worth a quick phone call to your child's pediatrician before using the cream - just to be on the safe side!
    Good luck!!

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