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Thread: Do they all add up the same in total?

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    Default Do they all add up the same in total?

    My dd is 4.5mo old and she's eating 4 to 5 times a day. She sleeps through the night (12 hours) and I never wake her up for feeding. She's gaining weight, healthy and happy. Another mom told me that I should feed her more often just because 4 times a day does not sound right to her. I am wondering if I should feed her more frequent, but will the total come out the same versus less frequent? I think the baby controls how much he/she eats, correct? If the baby's hungry and not eating enough, she will let me know, right? At her 4 mo. check up, she was 26 1/2", 15lb and 10oz. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Do they all add up the same in total?

    if you are getting enough wet diapers and she is thriving, then everything is fine. you know if baby is hungry and baby will tell you

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    It sounds like you're doing fine. If you're worried, if you co-sleep, you could offer her milk in her sleep, I do that when my son's been napping for over 2 hours and he'll eat and continue sleeping another couple of hours. My son is 5.5 months now at around 3/4months he stopped waking up at night. He sleeps from 11pm to 8am but wiggles around at 6am because he wants to be fed.
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