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Thread: Increased nursing/eating less

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    Default Increased nursing/eating less

    My 19 month old is teething, getting her canines in. . .she's still a pretty happy little girl though. . .thing is all she wants to do is nurse! I offer her "comfort foods" and things that she usually wants when teething, frozen homemade waffles, frozen peas, etc. She just doesn't seem interested. Until this she was eating me out of house and home!

    I think it's just the teeth. . .but she's not only comfort nursing. . .so ya'll think she's getting enough calories? She's old enough now that I think if she was "hungry" she'd eat more, right??

    I just worry every so often, both my kids are small (it's genetic) but she's just passed her 20 lb mark. . . like it to keep going up, kwim??

    Any ideas on other things I could offer her? I also worry because this is when ds started to get picky about food. . .really don't want another kid that only eats certain foods!
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    Default Re: Increased nursing/eating less

    The eye teeth were the worst for us. DS went on a 10 day nursing strike. I'd just keeping offering food, but know that she's still get the "good stuff" from you and get through it. Hopefully things will turn around after the teeth come in (and soon!)

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    Default Re: Increased nursing/eating less

    The canines are the nightmare teeth. I think it's pretty normal for your baby's appetite to be off while she's getting them. I know I always thank my lucky stars that DD is still nursing when her appetite disappears- at least I know she's getting one good source of nutrition! And I do think that if your daughter was hungry, she would eat. Don't let it get you down!

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