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Thread: almost 4 weeks and severly frustrated

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    So i put her back on the breast at 9 pm last night and its been going okay she only had 7 ounces of formula from 9 pm till 1030 am this morning the rest of the time she was on breast milk (thankfully she latches on to her tookie and the bootle like she latches on to my nipple, so latching on wasnt a problem), i only gave her the formula when she gave up on trying to get anything else out of me and pulled away and started crying looking for more, but i expected my flow to not meet her needs right now, during the day she has had only 3 ounces of formula per feeding and im starting to let down more often, so now all i need to do is to wait for my flow to catch up to her demands, she isnt getting sick at all either so the pills must have taken care of the problem. The last time she was on my breast was on monday and i was pumping all week, does anyone have any idea how long my flow will take to catch up to her? and till my flow gets up there should i pump whenever i let down and she is sleeping? she wakes up every three hours during the day and sleeps for 6 hours during the night.
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    Default Re: almost 4 weeks and severly frustrated

    Your milk flow won't catch up completely until you let go of the supplements completely. The thing is, even though you are feeding her breastmilk 1st, your supply is still being affected by the top offs. You said she is eating every 3hours. Formula takes longer to digest and absorb than breast milk. she would probably be eating more often than every 3hrs is you were exclusively feeding her. Start to wean the supplements out of the feeding all together. If she gets frustrated or acts like she is still hungry just flip her to the other breast. Your breast are never actually empty. If you sat in one spot all day and your child wanted to eat all day, your body would continue to make milk. In fact that is almost what it is like for a lot of mothers the 1st 6-8weeks. You pick a spot in your house and bring the remotes, the phones and some snacks and just accept the fact that all you are going to do all day is feed the baby. That's it. It's really the most important job there is right now. I don't think I got out of my pajamas for the 1st 6weeks. And really, I got up to pee, get more food and change diapers. That's it. So if you allow your body to do this, it absolutely will.
    Also, what your doctor told you about "the baby will stop when full" that concerns me. Often bottle fed children do NOT self regulate the way breastfed children do. Breast fed children do pop off when done, but often bottle fed children will simply drink until there is no more so be cautious of this. It is much more likely to overfeed formula than breastmilk. And this will further affect your supply.
    Just know that you CAN do this. Growth spurts and all. They are brutal and often the child will "Marathon feed". My son would stay latched on for 5hours straight. Fall asleep at the breast but wake up every time you tried to unlatch him. He gained 14oz a week until he was 4.5 months old and I used to nap from 10 pm until midnight so I was ready for the night sessions. It's can be brutal,no doubt. But you were made to do this. Begin to lose your supplements and add in a third flip. Stay focused and keep us posted.

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    Is it possible you are mistaking no obvious let-down for no milk? If the baby pulls away and milk is not spurting or even just dripping out, that does NOT mean that you have dried up. The baby gets milk by adding suction. Let-down is extra.

    Also, your breasts do not need to be big and hard to have plenty of milk. I have pumped a soft breast many times and been amazed at how much milk I got out of it. I would have sworn it was empty.

    A fussy baby is not always a hungry baby. My son (now 8 weeks) pulls off and fusses for no apparent reason even though there is plenty of milk. That's what they do at this age.

    I agree with the other ladies. You need to stop supplementing. It's making it harder for you to establish your milk supply.

    Good luck.

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