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Thread: correlation between periods and supply

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    Default correlation between periods and supply


    i know there were some comments about this but can a LLLeader clarify...

    is it really a known fact that when periods return, the milk ss decreases?
    my period just returned at 6 mos and i noticed my boy started feeding more times per day.

    so far i've been demanding feeding for the past 3 months and restarted pumping to get milk for his cereal and night feeds. it has been so pathetic i'm wondering just how much my boy is drinking?!!

    at best, if he hasn't fed for a few hours, i'll pump one side and yield no more than 1-1/2 to 2 oz on one side. is that ALL he's drinking every 2 to 3 hours???? is that a tad little for a 7 mo old? he demand feeds every 2 to 3 hours for 5 min one side. i get the feeling he's drinking no more than 2 oz each time. now that i started pumping (3x a day, morning, afternoon and night 6 hours or so apart), sometimes he feeds 1 hour or so after a pump, and gets frustrated becos there's little milk left for him!

    am i doing the right thing?

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    Default Re: correlation between periods and supply

    A baby is more efficient at extracting your milk than a pump.

    Yes, some mothers do notice a dip in production when their period returns (or when they ovulate). It's normal, hormonally related, and resolves itself within a day or so. The change is not permanant by any means.

    There is always milk in your breast. They do not need time to "refill". Your baby may be balking if the flow is slower due to frequent removal of milk. If this happens, you can try breast compressions to increase the flow:

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