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Thread: crusty eye boogers

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    So, I know this is pretty gross, but my LO has another cold and has really crusty eyes in the morning. I am 99% sure that she doesn't have pinkeye, just a side effect from the virus/cold. Any ideas on how to treat it? I have read several places that BM can be used to treat pinkeye, maybe could I use that? I have been using some homeopathic eye drops for the last few days, but no improvement.

    Oh, and I read in Dr. Sears' Baby Book, that a cold with eye discharge is usually an ear infection--?

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    I used BM when my son had a plugged duct and lots of yucky eye crust stuff. After two days of using the BM, his duct became unplugged and no more crust! It was AMAZING. This was after 4 months...plugged duct since birth and a month of trying a prescription antibiotic that did NOTHING. BM works awesome!

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    I know that you are supposed to keep the area as clean as possible. A few times each day, try wiping the area with a warm washcloth and massage the area with your finger. This might help clear up the blocked tear duct. You might have to try a prescription drop--sometimes, this is the only way to clear this up quickly.

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    You could try breastmilk since there's no harm in trying it.

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    My son just got over that a few weeks ago. He was real congested and instead of it coming out his nose it came out of his eyes...

    I didn't think to try BM
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