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Thread: Depo killed my supply?!?

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    Default Depo killed my supply?!?

    OK so far I've been having up's and downs with breast feeding. Son doesnt latch due to a small jaw, so I have to pump constantly. I was doing wonderfully, pumping more than enough since I rented my medela symphony. Baby has almost doubled his birth weight and is only 6 weeks. I've only had to give him formula a few times when I didnt have enough milk for him.

    So, now I have come into a serious problem and dont know what to do. I recently got the Depo shot (which my OB said wouldnt affect my supply at all cause I have been using the mini-pill with no problems) and now I am not getting anything at all when I pump! I mean this LITERALLY. I have pumped a total of 2 ounces since Saturday . I am freaking out and can't figure out what to do. I had to buy similac advance so he would still get food of course, but I want him on just breastmilk.

    I am wondering who I ask about some medicine to help my supply? His ped. which is my GP said just leave him on formula, and he doesnt seem BF friendly at all. He said he wont give me anything to get my supply back because baby has been doing great weight wise. DUH...I didnt have a supply issue while he's been gaining! So should I talk to my OB about getting something for it? I've tried eating oatmeal 3x a day (I love it so it doesnt bother me at all) along with my regular meals, getting rest, and I drink 4 or more of my water bottles of water a day; the water bottle holds 4cups of water.

    Any help would be awesome ladies. I have 1 more 6oz of frozen left and havent pumped anything at all today and my little buddy just loathes the formula.

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    Default Re: Depo killed my supply?!?

    I would suggest continued regular pumping, or hand expression if pumping is uncomfortable.

    Would you be able to see an IBCLC? If so, I would urge you to call around and find someone who is knowledgeable about the impact Depo Provera can have on a mother's milk production.

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