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Thread: How many poops are normal?

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    Exclamation How many poops are normal?

    My almost 5.5 mo old has been teething like crazy---still no teeth, but gums are bulging.
    He has had an enormously difficult time sleeping, staying asleep with out me holding him/laying with him for at least the past 5 nights.
    He has been having a very bad time, it seems with his belly--lots of poops--and obvious discomfort.

    Since BF babies stool are usually wet and seedy, it's really hard to tell what is considered diarrhea, and really, when to be worried.

    He has pooped at least every other time I change him, sometimes a lot--sometimes a little....but that has definately become way more than his usual 2-3x's max per day...
    No fever either.

    No change in my diet or intake of caffiene or other things in my diet that may be the culpret.
    I posted the other day re: a rash because of his teething (?)..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is diarrhea normal in teething? How much poop is too much?

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    Default Re: How many poops are normal?

    I think some indicators are:

    If the poop is so wet it soaks into the diaper (instead of staying on the surface)

    If it is a different/strange color like darker and/or greenish

    If it smells different/bad (EBF poop should smell like buttermilk)

    Diarrhea is normal in teething. I was told by a ped's office where I normally go that if the "bad" poops happen more than 5 or 6 times it could be a problem. However, they told me that when DD was only a few days old.

    I would only worry if there was an accompanying change of behavior (doesn't seem like himself) or fever, or dehydration. My aunt an EMT said to check for dehydration by checking under the lower eyelid (pull it down slightly). If it is nice and shiny/wet, then there is not a hydration issue.

    I hope others have something more concrete for you.

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    Default Re: How many poops are normal?

    No concrete evidence here, except we are going through the same thing, I think. You would think that I would be able to tell the difference between teething and and ear infection by now with DD #2, but sometimes I just can't figure it out.

    Anyway, we have been having up to 8 BMs per day for the last couple of days. Every time the poor babe sneezes or coughs, I have to change her, because something comes out. Darker color, usually small amount,different consistency, like PP mentioned. She is drooling like crazy and biting my finger really hard. Wish I could see something coming up, but i can't.

    So, I am guessing that it is the teething that is causing it.

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