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Thread: my worst nightmare

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    I am sooo glad that you took her in! Praise the Lord that she is ok Just a little bit of info from one rsv momma to another. With those breathing treatments, latch her on, let her get nursing and hold the mask close to her face, she does not have to wear it as long as the meds via the air are going in the direction of her face she should be fine. I found that with both of my boys wearing the mask to be very tramatic, so the nursing durring it really helps! So glad you all are home!

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    It is so hard to be a mama sometimes, isn't it? I hope you are all able to get some rest soon.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by home executive View Post

    Here's a reminder on comfort measures for baby colds:
    This is awesome information!!!
    I hope ur dd is doing soooooo much better!!!

    with my precious Emree Jewel who was born July 22, 2007.
    Still Always and loving every second.

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