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Thread: Fenugreek Anyone??

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    I like Mothers Milk Tea and it has fenugreek in it.
    Exclusively and every minute of it!!
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    I took it early on and it did not really do much for me. However, a few days of super pumping and nursing helped. I would pump 10 minutes and then 15 minutes off, pump 10 15 off, 10 on, 15 off for several hours. Be sure to lube up with lanolin (sp?) first to keep your nips from getting sore. Now, I have tons of milk. My supply drops if I am away from my LO (i.e. out of town conference for work) but pumping and nursing gets it back every time.
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    I have taken herbs from the beginning to keep up with my two. I have used More Milk Plus capsules and have recently switched to just plain Fenugreek d/t the cost (MMP is around $35 a month, the Fenugreek is $8). I take 2 twice daily, but I think you are supposed to take 2 three times daily until your urine/sweat smells like maple syrup. I have also tried Mother's Milk tea, but according to the package you are supposed to drink like 6 cups a day!

    In the multiples forum, someone suggested taking a plain old Calcium supplement to increase supply...

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