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Thread: Blood in pumped milk

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    Default Blood in pumped milk

    I'm actually here for a friend of mine who works for me in my home about 6 hours a day.
    She has a nine month old son whom she breastfeeds. For the past five months she has been pumping while at work (before then she brought him with her) so that he does not have to have formula when she is gone. Lately he has been biting her and she has been unsuccesful in breaking him of that habit. Because of this she has had some bleeding from her nipples and today she realized that all the breastmilk she pumped yesterday has blood in it (according to her about a half an ounce is visible at the bottom of the bottle).
    She is concerned (and has been told by two separate individuals in the health care field) that this would be unsafe to feed to him.
    I did a little searching on the net and found some info pertaining to blood in breastmilk but none of it really seemed to say whether or not in this particular situation it would be safe to feed the child the milk. I personally think it should be fine since he is probably recieving just as much blood directly from her nipple when she is nursing him but she is worried that since a peditrician told her it would not be good for him that she should not feed him the milk.

    Does anyone know anything more substantial? Can direct me to any web pages that discuss this situation?


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    Hi there, everything I have read about it and been told (I had this problem for a few days myself and it freaked me out so bad but my DS drank the milk with no problem at all) is the milk is just fine for the baby. Since she is pumping she actually see's the blood in the milk, but if the baby was latched on and breast feeding she wouldn't have noticed KWIM? Here is a site I found with some info, I hope it helps some. http://www.loveyourbaby.com/blood-in-breast-milk.html

    Update here. Just came across this website ( http://life.familyeducation.com/nurs...e=4&detoured=1 ) and it says the following about blood in breast milk.

    Blood in breast milk
    I also recommend pumping instead of nursing when the breast milk contains blood from a cracked nipple (or other causes). Although many babies ingest blood-tinged milk without parents or health professionals ever knowing about it, drinking bloody breast milk is not entirely benign. For one thing, blood is irritating to the gut and can have a purgative effect. I recall a newborn who was admitted to the hospital for "bloody diarrhea" and was subjected to numerous diagnostic tests to determine the cause before it was found that the blood being passed was the mother's and not the infant's. The mother had been unaware that her painful, cracked nipple was bleeding, nor that her baby was obtaining bloody milk with breastfeeding. Ingested blood also can increase a newborn baby's bilirubin level, worsening infant jaundice. Furthermore, blood in breast milk can increase a baby's risk of acquiring certain infectious diseases while breastfeeding (if the mother is infected herself).
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    Fine for baby to ingest: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/mothe...stmilklooklike

    I recommend turning down the suction in the pump for a few days. The capillaries are small and fragile.

    "Bright red indicates the source is most likely near the outlet (nipple pores), which is why turning the suction down might help -- decreases pressure on that area."
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    Pink breastmilk (due to blood) is generally regarded as safe to feed to baby:
    Here's another resource re: milk colors: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/color.html

    Here's a couple of resources on teeth and biting:


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