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Thread: 2 month-old won't take bottle!

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    Update: I got DD to take the sippy cup about a month ago. She uses the Gerber NUK sippy cup that is designed for transition from BFing to cup or from bottle to cup. It's the only cup I've seen with a soft spout and worked really well for her. It only took a few days to get her used to it. After I saw her drink juice from it I knew she was just being stubborn about the milk. There was a little crying involved, but not too much.

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    My DD went through 3 different kinds of bottles, and does the best with the Breastflow, as others have mentioned. My DH has noticed she REALLY likes it warm, and if it cools at all, she refuses it. We warm it lots and he even runs hot water over the nipple to warm that. Daycare providers turned lights out and held her extra close for success. They also have a bottle warmer, and make sure to place the bottle back in the warmer when she stops to burp. Don't give up, it took her quite a while (refer to 2 month old gags on bottle thread that was mine!)

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    try the breastflow bottle - made esp. from lactation consultants....the first year breastflow bottle...they are shaped as a breast with a nipple...my baby boy would not take anything else as well and these worked awesome! good luck! i don't know what we would have done if these didn't work!

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