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No advice as far as EBM mama. But wanted to send and give you lots of 's. Are you all feeling better?
Did you get flu vaccines? How bad was it? Did your DS get it too?

THANKS FOR THE GOOD VIBES! I REALLY NEEDED THEM we are almost better just stuffy and coughing, except dd1 still has a fever after 6 days, she had x-rays today to check for puemonia but the rads were clear the ped is supposed to call me in the am. no we didn't get the flu vax, because of adams allergies to LIFE. but the virus we got sucked!!!!! yes even the baby got it! oh and you'll appreciate this.... every client i saw today was saying how funny i sounded! i thought i forgot a lot , but i actually remembered alot more than i thought i would, i even remembered to computer system