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    I finally bought a electric breast pump so I can leave baby boy home with dad once a week for some me time. My baby is now 6 weeks old, bf has been a challenge but I am hanging in there. I apologize in advance but i have several questions..
    1. For a 12-24 period just how much milk would I have to have on hand?
    2. Aprox. how many onces would they take per 1 feeding?
    3. If it is true and during one pump sesion you only get 1 once of milk can you store in fridge and add to same bottle later?
    4. If baby drinks from bottle w/ breast milk but does not drink all, can it be put back in fridge or thrown away.
    5 Since this is a once in a while event, when is the best time to pump, should I use both breasts

    any other insight would be great!!!


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    Hi, For questions 1 & 2, please see:

    3. It's best to chill the milk before combining it.
    4. It should be thrown away. Start with smaller bottles to reduce waste.
    5. Try to pump right after your little one's first feeding in the morning. You can pump both breasts.
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