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Thread: BF one side at a time

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    After many bumps in the road, I am doing my best to stay committed to breastfeeding. My son is now 5 weeks old and thriving, but when our pediatrician suggested that he might have reflux (after I asked him why my son made lots of gurgling and fussy sounds when I would put him down after a feeding) my doula came back with another possibility. She suggested that I might have an overactive let-down, which can effect little ones in ways similar to reflux. It might be prohibiting my DS from getting hind-milk if I have an overabundant supply, so she suggested that I offer only 1 breast per feed, even 2 feeds in a row if I could handle the engorgement on the other side. I am now offering only 1 breast per feed, and I think it is going ok. My question is how do I pump given this situation? DS gets 1 bottle per night, 4.5 ounces right before bedtime, which I was able to produce easily when we first started about 2 weeks ago but now, I pump while he is getting the bottle and I am having trouble getting enough for the next night's bottle. I am trying to only pump the one breast that I would have offered at that feeding. Is this wrong? If I offer only 1 breast per feeding, is it ok to pump both breasts when I pump? I am afraid of depleting the supply in the breast that he wouldn't have ordinarily received at that time. Can I pump both breasts after the morning feed as well in order to start building a supply? (I am a big believer in date night and am hoping that my husband will get the chance to leave DS for a few hours before too long).

    Please help. This has been so much harder than I ever thought, but I am really trying to do what is best for my son.

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    I also have OALD and oversupply and my DD was diagnosed with reflux as well. We just started Zantac. I wish I had good advice to give you, but I am dealing with similar issues! You don't want to increase your supply, but you want to have enough bottle to give him. Does your DS choke while BF? I have found the supply to be more abundant in the morning - maybe try pumping only at that time?

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