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Thread: Problems with let down

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    Unhappy Problems with let down

    I need help--I'm so upset. My son is almost 6 months old, I had no problems nursing or pumping in the begining. However, during the past month I have had a problem with let down. Now I can hardly let down at all. I pump 2-3 times a day while I'm at work and the past two days I've only been able to pump about a half ounce, b/c I can't let down. Last night it took me forever to let down while I was nursing Ty. I desperately want to over come this hurdle, I am not ready to quit. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to help me?

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    Has something changed? Is your pump working effectively? Are you under a lot of stress? Are you in pain?

    Some things that might help:
    *deep breathing
    *imagining a waterfall of milk rushing forth from your breasts
    *smelling an article of your baby's clothing
    *taking a drink (hot or cold...whichever you normally drink while nursing)
    *warm compresses on the breast
    *If imagery is not working, try distraction (watch t.v. , read a book, or surf the net instead)
    *try some of the tips for assisting letdown found here: http://www.lactationinstitute.org/MANUALEX.html

    You can also find some tips on this non-LLL webpage:

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    Default Re: Problems with let down

    Right around 6 months I found that my letdown would take longer to happen even when nursing. I timed it and it took 3 minutes. Now DS is 10 months and it takes even longer now!! 3-4 minutes. I don't even keep track anymore, it drives me crazy. Just relax, take your baby into a dark room and nurse. As for pumping, same thing - takes longer for letdowns now. Have you tried stimulating your nipples to get a letdown? That is what i have to do now to get a letdown.

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