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    Can a baby feed itself rice cereal? I have two sample packs of rice cereal, but wanted to try a BLS approach. Can I freeze rice cereal in a cube and put it in my mesh feeder? I like the thought of giving him the rice cereal as a first food.

    On that note... DH has given him 2 arrowroot cookies in the past 3 days. He's eaten almost all of each one and loved it. I've been EBFing so far.

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    I haven't tried it - but you may be able to make the rice cereal very thick so LO can pick some up with his fingers and self feed that way.

    I'm personally not a fan of mesh feeders. IMO they don't teach a LO how to eat. We only used a mesh feeder so DS could suck on frozen EBM when he was teething.

    Also - rice cereal isn't necessary as a first food:
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    I agree with PP. And I'm just really wondering *why* you would want LO to self-feed rice cereal? To me, it's kind of like asking "can I make formula come out of my breasts so I can still BF?" I don't mean that to sound snarky or anything, I just found it an amusing question!

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