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    Hi everyone.

    My LO is 12 weeks old and UNFORTUNATELY!! I have to start working on the 23th. I started him to give him the bottle with the extra milk I pump like 4 times a day since last week.

    However, I started to notice that when I offer him my breast he acts like doesnt like it. He latches and starts sucking correctly but after a minute he pulles off from the breast and start crying, I then give him the bottle.

    I take my 3 tab of Fenugreek, eat oatmeal and drink plenty of water plus I am pumping like a maniac and still only get 2 onz per pumping which then I have to give him back because he is refusing to take my breast

    The actual result is that I DONT HAVE ANY MILK SAVED FOR THIS WESD 23TH!!!!!!!!!

    I dont want to give him formula but the reality is that I have only 2 days!!! to get more milk

    Please help what shoul I do!!

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    He more then likely has nipple confusion or is just not wanting to work harder to nurse since bottles are faster/easier. Are you using slow flow nipples that are shaped like the breast? That might help. Stop giving him bottles and keep offering the breast. You could pump right before you nurse just enough to stimulate your breast to make your letdown faster so he gets milk quicker.

    I've never taken fenugreek but I've heard that unless you smell like syrup you need to take more. Most women see results taking 3 pills 3x/day. Oatmeal always worked for me but I had to use the slow cook kind.

    Putting him to your breast more often will help increase your supply better then pumping so maybe you could try to feed him more often. But stop giving him bottles until you have to. It will help boost your supply and let you get your stash back up. He won't starve I promise. Once he sees that the quick and easy bottle route isn't available if he fusses he'll should go back to BFing with little trouble. Good luck!

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    To increase your supply have you tried pumping after your baby nurses? You will not get much the first few times but eventually you will see an increase. Also, I have been told that it is not how long you pump but the frequency that builds up a supply. Maybe try pumping for a few mins a bunch of times per day. I know a few people who the fenugreek did not work at all or the milk smell or taste, I am neer baby had nursing trouble after that too. cause hot sure which wbas different Is there a reason why you give him a bottle 4x a day while you are home? I thankfully dont work but I do have a friend who nurses and works full time. I know that she gave her son a bottle 1x a day for 2 weeks before she went back to work, if someone else was there they gave the bottle. The baby did well with the bottle when she went to work and nursed fine when she was home... She has said that he really will not take the bottle from her, he has associated her with only nursing which I think is good if you want to nurse when you are home with him.

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