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Thread: milk supply low!

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    Default milk supply low!

    Hello Ladies, I am in real need of some help. My LO is now 16 weeks and I got sick about 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to get over that cold. My milk supply dropped from 3.5oz to 2oz. Could it be from the cold? I know it only dropped 1.5oz, but I was only making enough to support her bottles and not store anything. I have been pumping after every feeding and at 9:30pm., I eat oatmeal all the time drink plenty of water.

    For the past week it does not seem like she is peeing enough and her poop is not the same as normal. She would normally poop about 3-5 times a day, and now it is once every other day and some times even two days w/o a poo. I am thinking that since I am not pumping what I would normally that she is not getting what she needs. My husband says she is fine, but I worry!

    Also I do not feel my left downs and sometimes I can not hear her swallowing. My breast do not get full so it is very hard to determine if she is getting what she needs. Last time I weighted her about a week ago she was 12.5lbs and she looks healthy. I will weigh her again tonight!

    Here is her schedule: weekends BF only!!!!!
    M-F Bed 7 and 8
    12-1am BF
    4-5am BF
    7am wake
    7:30 BF
    10am 3.5oz bottle (pump about 2 -2.5oz)
    1pm (same as 10am )
    4pm (same as 10am)
    7pm BF
    9:30pm PUMP (2-2.5oz)

    Any suggestion on how to increase milk production. I want to BF for the 1st year and I am really worried that I might not make it at this rate. Help Please!

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    Default Re: milk supply low!

    It's normal for BF babies to decrease the number of times they poo. My DS's pedi had warned me that he could go 5-6 days without a poo. He went from going several times a day to going about TWICE A WEEK! That's because their body uses the BM, and there is very little waste with BM.

    Have you tried Fenugreek? I noticed an increase when I took that. I took 3 capsules 3 times a day. kellymom.com recommended taking that amount. Many BFing moms take that, and it's safe.

    I pump at work too, and I've noticed changes in my supply while pumping. Some weeks I'd get just enough, and other weeks I'd have more than enough and could freeze some. Remember that your baby is more efficient than the pump, so she can get more than you can pump. That's true for me, because my DS (11 months old) only nurses on one side per feeding (always has), but I have to pump both sides at work to make enough for one bottle. So the pump isn't necessarily a good determination of what your baby can get.

    What kind of pump are you using? How long are you pumping for? I have a PISA, and when the flow of milk slows down or stops, I turn the pump off and back on to get the fast letdown pumping action again. This brings on another letdown which allows me to get about 2 more oz. Do you use breast compressions while you pump? That helps me too.

    I would recommend continuing to pump at 9:30pm on the weekends as well. This will help you get a little more milk for during the week. With me it seemed when I wouldn't pump on the weekends, then my body wasn't used to the pump, so I'd get way less on Monday, slightly less on Tuesday, and then it would gradually build back up.

    I know this is difficult, but try not to stress about it too much. This can affect how much you pump too. When I pump at work I try to do something on the computer, call my DH, etc, because if I sit there and watch how much milk I'm getting I get stresses and pump less.

    Keep at it though! I'm at 11 months tomorrow, so my one year is almost here. Good luck!

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    Default Re: milk supply low!

    I am having the same problem as Little Addy. My son is 8 months old and I have been back at work for 5.5 months. On a normal day I pump 12-14 oz in 9 hours away from my son (every three hours) and nurse 4 times while I am at home (I just can;t seem to hit the 8x/day mark anymore since he is sleeping throught the night). I was sick 2 weeks aho and then my son was sick a week ago and nursed less. All of a sudden I am pumping 10 oz a day and using frozen breastmilk to top off his bottle for daycare. I am also having to feed him bottled breastmilk @ bedtime because my supply is so low he doesn't get enough to sleep on. Any suggestions?

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