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Thread: feeding schedule?

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    Default feeding schedule?

    Hi Ladies.

    I'd love to hear what nursing/solids feeding schedule works for you. Nursing on demand was OK, but our family is the type that needs at least a loose schedule to guide the day.

    I have trouble timing our feedings. If I nurse first, she's not hungry. If I wait till she's hungry and offer her solids instead of the breast, she gets mad. And if I start breastfeeding and then pull her off midway to offer the solids, she gets REALLY mad!

    SHould I try to feed her when she's hungry? Wait till she's happy and playful? Right after she wakes up from a nap?

    Your suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: feeding schedule?

    We're struggling with a bit of the same thing....

    What I've been trying to do is offer her solids before her 1st nap, about 1 hour after getting up (so 1 hour after she's nursed) and then again after waking from her last afternoon nap, which is typically around 4 pm. She doesn't seem to be as famished in the afternoon as she is in the morning.

    So far so good!

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    Default Re: feeding schedule?

    How old are your babies?

    Most breastfeeding experts/advocates recommend nursing before offering solids, within a half-hour or fourty-five minutes, for the first year.

    According to kellymom, early introduction of solids and offering too much solids too soon contributes to early weaning (i.e. before one year).

    It has helped me to think of solids meals as games or for fun. What my babies eat, great. What they don't eat, they'll get from my milk! This takes the pressure off Baby and contributes to healthy eating habits and attitudes toward food. That is, Mom is not forcing Baby to eat when/what she doesn't want.

    If your family likes loose scheduling (so do we!) try setting your baby in the high chair during your family's meal time. Offer easy-to-pick-up foods (pieces of banana, crackers or dry breakfast cereal, etc.) and let Baby eat at her own pace. Other times during the day, when you prepare yourself a snack, you can offer bits to your baby. This doesn't have to be scheduled or in the high chair.

    This is just experience from my own way of parenting that has worked for us. If it works for you, too, great!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: feeding schedule?

    I agree with PP and just want to add that if LO is not hungry after nursing, then he/she is probably not ready to start solids.

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