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Thread: Nursing all the time and eating

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    That definately sounds like teething and a bad case of it I might add. I doubt there is anything wrong with your supply as pumping is absolutely no indicator of suppy. Perhaps you need new pump parts or perhaps your body is just figureing out the pump isn't really a baby afterall. Is he still making enough wet diapers? More frequent nursing and comfort nursing will actually raise your supply.

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    Hi there,
    A couple of things, I do not agree with your doctor, please do not feel pressure to feed your son three meals a day. My ds is 14 months and just NOW he SOMETIMES eats three meals a day! Thank God for bfing BC that is still a major source of nutrition for him. All babies are different and to make a statement that they all need three meals a day does not make since to me. Always make sure that you are bfing first and then giving him solids so they he gets full on the BM and then snacks on the solids. Babies nurse for many reasons, comfort, hunger, tired, etc.. Also he may be eating so much solids BC they are "new" just like a baby will drink a big bottle after nursing for an hour does not mean that they were hungry. Sucking and swallowing are reflexes that they do and sometimes can not stop to say that I am full. Nurse him and then give him what you think is an appropriate amount of food for his age. It also does sound like he is teething, poor little guy my son has a hard time also. Have you tried a very cold washcloth? Those frozen teething toys, orajel? Also someone told me that they gave their child spoons that were in a cup of cold ice water, once the one that they were chewing on got warm they would just swap them out. I would not think that this is a supply issue. All the best!

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