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Thread: Decrease in Milk supply

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    My son is 15 weeks old. I have been nursing him since he was born. I have had some issues: mastitis, very sore nipples, etc...But I have managed to feed him all the way through (though had to pump breastmilk when went back to work).
    Now, all of a sudden, my milk supply has dropped by 3 oz (In 3 hrs I am pumping 4 oz, instead of 6-7 as a week ago)...what happened?
    I drink a lot of fluids, eat normally, I don't have any medical issues (that I know of)....
    Since my baby is so fussy, I asked for more time off from work and I am back home for 2 months...since then, I stopped pumping and started nursing...I thought that the more I nurse and he sucks it out, the better it will be...but it seems that since I stopped pumping, my milk dropped?....
    any clues?

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    Hi Mama,
    Welcome to the forum.
    So let me see if I understand correctly, you are at home nursing full time as well as pumping? It is completely normal for a mom who is nursing full time to get less when she pumps. The baby is removing the milk for you. If you are uncertain about how much your baby is getting you simply need to count diapers to see if baby is well hydrated. 5-6 disposable diapers (6-8 if you use cloth diapers) in addition to around 2-3 poops per day. Does this seem about right to you?

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    Here is some information you might find helpful and reassuring:

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