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Thread: Soy products and baby boys

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    We raise beef cattle and horemones are not given-and they are on a regular rations-nothing special. They are feeding Americans and the cattle eat the corn we grow and the hay we cut. We also raise hogs for the general public, same deal, they eat corn/soybean feeder pig feed, not any horemones here. Both animals are given vaccinations against deadly illnesses-like most humans are, but no horemones. I'm not sure why people think meat has horemones in them, I've raised feeder animals all my life and have never seen it.
    And the animals are treated very well-a vet is called when they are sick or injured, they have plenty of room to run and play-it's so cute watching baby calves or large steers play in the cattle lot!

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    Someone a few posts back said she was drinking lots of soymilk. Just wanted to know if you ever tried rice milk. You can get it fortified and with a vanilla flavor and it's not too bad. The only bad think about it is the fat content and it's the unhealthy kind of fat, but if you're careful with the saturated fats in other areas, I think the rice milk is a good option so you don't have to worry about the soy.

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