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Thread: Introducing Solids

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    Smile Introducing Solids

    My daughter is 5 months old and I am considering starting her on solids, but will probably wait until she is at least 6 months old (any thoughts about that?). I'm just wondering how much and how often do you feed your baby solid foods? I realize that the majority of her calories should come from breastmilk but I'm just trying to figure it out before I start this new phase with her! Do you breastfeed your baby first and then offer the solid foods? I'll probably start with rice cereal and then after a week or two offer her a veggie and go from there (just to make sure there are no allergies).
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    My baby started at about 5.5 months. Most professionals will tell you to wait until baby is at least 6 mo and showing certain signs.

    I didn't start with cereal. I started with fruit. Banannas mostly. Then I inroduced other foods. He like almost anything, but he prefers reg. food that I make instead of the jarred food. He is eating about 3 times a day now. But I bf before and after I feed him. Another great food other moms have suggested is avacadoes. My lo loves them. I mix it with brown rice. Just take your time. And watch ques that your lo gives.
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    A childs digestive tract is not really ready for solids until at least the 6month point. Remember when your baby is reaching for your food, it's not because they are hungry, it's because they are curious. They reach for everything you have because someone just turned on the whole world and they now realize they control their hands. Even after you start to experiment with solids, IME chilren don't actually associate solid food with hunger until after the year point if they are EBF.
    So don't think that the reaching for your fork or your plate means that a 5or even 6month old is dying to try your food. They are not. They do not miss what they have never had.
    Also, many of us here skipped rice cereal altogether. It's is not a LLL recommended 1st food as it is very very processed and has no real nutritional value except the iron that they add to it. Just something to consider. If you go out to the main website there is a great page on 1st food. HTH and good luck!

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    My LO started solids at 6 months, with organic rice cereal. We added bananas and avocados soon after. At first she ate a couple of bites once a day. We always waited about 5 days between new foods to monitor for allergies. I typically offered her solids when we were eating meals, and sometimes she nursed beforehand...typically, I nursed her afterwards.
    I just followed her lead. Even now (she's almost a year), some days she wants to nurse more, some days she wants a lot of solids.

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