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Thread: new problems at 10 wks

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    me, too! thanks for this thread - I feel so much better.

    DD is sleeping soundly after being on the breast for only 5 minutes and I was feeling so anxious thinking she is starving.

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    Default Re: new problems at 10 wks

    Hey, I was going to post something very similar with some extra weirdness. I'll put it here and if anyone has some further advice/insight for me, it would be so appreciated.

    at 13 weeks, DD has gone from nursing every 2.5 to 3 hours to nursing sometimes every hour or on occasion, even more frequently. This isn't a one or two day thing, but going on 7 days now. I keep on checking to make sure there's milk and usually there is (in the evenings, after she's nursed, I can't really make any milk come out, but I know that there's usually less in the later part of the day anyway) She also frequently kicks a lot while nursing and sometimes will straighten her whole body, forcing herself to come off the breast. When this happens she'll also be making a tense face (not crying, just tensing her facial muscles)

    So tonight, she nursed for what seemed like the 47 thousandth time in a two-hour stretch and was doing the pull-off thing and obviously getting very frustrated, so I gave her a 3-oz. "emergency bottle" of ebm, which she finished with some messing around, but nothing like what she does at the breast.

    On top of all of this, her sleep pattern over the past week has gone from OK to horrendous. At night, she's started waking at least every hour from 2-5 and then staying up till 7, and today she wouldn't take a real nap from 12 noon on. She went down for 20 minutes three seperate times and then didn't finally go to sleep until 9 pm!! What?? We normally have her down for the night by 7. And she takes at least 40 minute naps during the day, sometimes 2 hour naps. AND...she wasn't fussy or cranky, but quiet/alert, showing no signs of sleepiness.

    Lastly, she was being so vocal and so smiley. We'd talk for long periods of time and she'd be so happy and cute. Now she's not talking as much (maybe 1 minute total when it used to be 15) and not as smiley/laughy. It's almost like she's back at 8 or 9 weeks when we were seeing the behavior just emerge for the first time

    Sorry this is sooooo long. I am so tired and kinda weirded out by this week's bonus behavior challenge.

    Any insight is most appreciated

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