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Thread: Need Help..Mastitis and More......

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    Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping me. I have more questions! My son is 2.5 weeks old. Breastfeeding went off to a fairly good start until whack! I got hit with mastitis about 2 days ago. I went to the doc yesterday and she got me on an antibiotic which reduced my fever and took away the majority of aches and chills. I have three questions remaining right now still.....

    1. I have been on the antibiotic for one day. The lump under my areola has gone down significantly but the hard lump under the breast (near the chest bone in the middle of my chest) is still prominent. How long does it take for these to go away when on antibiotics? My doc said to call on Monday if it doesnt get better but Im not sure if that means the aches and chills or the lumps or both?

    2. I have those brown scabs forming on my left nipple area. Does that mean the nipple is healing or a bad latch is making it wors???

    3. My left breast only makes 1 oz of milk the right around 2-3. After ten minutes the left seems drained. The baby stays on my left side for around at least fifteen minutes. Isnt that going to make my left breast get alot larger than my right? Seems like I dont have a choice?

    Any help appreciated! Thank you in advance...Karen

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    Make sure you massaging the lumps and put a hot washcloth on it. Sleep! Its normal to have one breast making more than the other and pumping doesn't always show your true output. Make sure baby is eating often on the breast with lump. imo I would stay in bed and nurse all day.Hope you feelbetter

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