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Thread: No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

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    Default No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

    My 5 week old has not poo'd since yesterday. She seems to have a tummy ache too. I have read it's okay, but really? Shall I be concerned at this point. If not, when should it be of greater concern? In the meantime I am using Gripe Water to help with the tummy. Additional question, I was a little backed up a couple days ago, could this have caused her problem too?

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    Default Re: No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

    I don't remember at what age it started for my son, but I know he would sometimes go a whole week with no poop. I don't know if it's something to worry about with a 5 week old or not. Sorry I couldn't be more help! Good luck!
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    Default Re: No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

    Totally typical and 'okay'. Here's more info on poo .
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    Default Re: No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

    My daughter started doing the once a week poops at about age 6 weeks or so. Although we are EBf'ing. Believe me, it took many, many calls to the pediatrician to convince me that this was alright. I thought... common, who in the world only poops twice in two weeks?! We went through the whole glycerin suppositories and what-not. I finally called the pedi back (lol, for like the 8th time) and he reassured me that breast milk is almost completely metabolized, and they just use-up most of it. This is why they dont poop as frequently. He told me that he had one mom whose LO went 22 days.

    Just call your pedi! (LOL, I did) They always told me to call them anyway if her BM habits change!
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    Default Re: No Poo for 1 1/2days - Is that okay?

    Mine was the same way...keep track of the wet diapers (should be getting 6-8) and so long as the poop (when it comes) isn't blackish or bloody, you're OK.

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