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Thread: need help fast tonight!

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    Default need help fast tonight!

    Hi Everyone! I had my first child OCt.2, 2007. After the postpartum bleeding stopped, when my daughter was 8 weeks, and now at 12 weeks and 14 weeks i have had very light spotting for 2 or three days each time. Is this a resume of my period or something different. Well, i am exclusively breastfeeding, maybe a feeding of formula once a week... anyway, my husband and i had unprotected sex and i am afraid of becoming pregnant. However i am spotting right now again. Should i consider this my period? Its so so light compared to my regular period I picked up a plan b pill, but i hate to take it while breastfeeding and it could reduce my supply... what do you all think ? What are the first postpartum periods like for breastfeeding women? thanks so much for any info!

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    I think all the mamas here will agree that pp periods are completely different from pre-baby ones I hardly bleed at all anymore (I am on micronor bcp).
    Also, you do get some protection against pg while bf...
    I would wait on plan b, but that's just my opinion. Maybe you are overwhelmed by the thought of a second baby right now , so maybe sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning?

    Sending lots of hugs to you!!!
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    I bled a lot during the first 3 months. It would come on and then go away. Sometimes spotting and sometimes full on bleeding. Maybe that is what you are experiencing?

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