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    my baby is 4 and 1/2 months old and today as been a hard feeding day. She seems to only eat like 2 minutes on each side then pulls off and starts crying, goes back on for a couple more second then repeats the crying. When I switch her she is fine for a couple more minutes, but then she does the same thing. It seems like it is gas, because I burp her and she farts then she seems to feel better for a little while. I was wondering if she could have heart bur or something like that because she seem to spit up a couple of time right after I feed her. She never really spit up before, so could it be acid in her tummy? And what could I do to help her?

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    I am sure some other moms on here will be able to give you some ideas. I am still pretty new at this. Could she possibly be teething? Or has she had any vaccinations or anything like that? I've used grip water on my LO for gas. Some people say it works wonders. I thought it worked pretty well...but all babies are different. But it really sounds like something has changed in your baby...so I would be surprised if she just developed reflux...unless you are eating something different or maybe you have taken some medicine or something? I hope some of these possibilities give you some better insight. OR maybe you will get a mama with more experience who can help.
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