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    I got bad headaches the first couple of days but then it was just like drinking regular coffee. I think it's a mental thing because I still wouldn't feel fully awake before my first cup of......decaf ???

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    Well, it's been 10 days since I've had any coffee. I've had one can of coke, and one ice tea. That's it. All I can say is WOW, what a difference! She is sleeping during the day again, and obviously needing it! She is also going to sleep earlier in the evenings. Instead of a 10-10:30 bedtime she's now out between 8 and 9. HOOORAAY!!

    I still have my decaf in the morning, though. I think it's totally physiological. It's just part of my routine, KWIM? It's like my day just doesn't start without a coffee, decaffeinated or not.

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    Good for you, and for DD!!

    Meanwhile, DH has asked that I stop *all* iced tea and anything with a whif of caffeine to see if that can help us through a resurgence of challenging sleep stuff with J! Sigh..... so, I feel ya.....


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