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Thread: Is it normal?

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    Default Is it normal?

    Some days my LO spits up SO much. Other days he doesn't hardly spit up at all. But on the days that he does, I'm concerned that he's not keeping anything down! He isn't fussy when he's spitting up--just when we try and wipe it off of him. So I don't think it's reflux.

    My LO is nosy and likes to see where he's going and sit up and look around. When he does, that's when it all comes up.

    So my question is, should I be concerned? Is a lot of spit up normal?
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    Alyssa does the SAME thing... =) The sitting up must push the stomach and up it comes...
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    My first one spit up a lot and dr. was not too concerned. I know it seems like a lot coming up, but usually it is not as much as you think. If lo is having enough wet diaper each day he is probably getting enough. You can mention it at your next dr.'s appt.

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