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Thread: Frustrated abt BFing and solids and less wieght gain

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    Default Frustrated abt BFing and solids and less wieght gain

    I have posted simlialr questions on othe rthread but doing it agian here.
    ds is 7 months old.exclusively breats fed until 3 weeks when started solids.he wnet through consitpation so now giving him lesser quantities and only once per day.dropped weight from 25 th to 10 th percentile.
    in most books that i read they say give solids to baby.i dont udnertand what their intent it.tehy say by 9 th month or so baby shud be eating 3 meals etc.
    now on LLL and other breast feeidngw ebsites they say give soldis only for a taste.i started doing that and so, very less quantities of solids
    now which advise shud i follwo?if i give such less solids, how will he learn to eat more solids like they said y 9 th month thre emeals?
    also doc and books suggest that solids for weight gain (actually doc only).
    there is such contardictiory info that i feel like getiing one cirrcet answer fo rthis
    please advise

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    Default Re: Frustrated abt BFing and solids and less wieght gain

    Obviously, it's a personal decision between you and your baby. Just like how long your going to breastfeed. If you choose to breastfeed. Baby can and will get the majority of nutrition from you throught the 1st year of life. (aNd will get nutrition from you as long as you continue) Anythinh in the way of solids should be considered supplemental. I think it is important to introduce solids to children because they need to learn to chew and swallow. Also in my house we would like baby to participate in the ritual of meals. But your baby will let you know when ready. For instance if your baby still has a strong toungue thrust (pushes out most of what you try to feed), probably not ready. Signs of readiness include teeth, the ability to sit up well, the pincher grasp, and real interest in food. But even when introduced it should be offered after breast and then breast should be offered again after food. So if your baby isn't interested don't worry.
    My son isn't ready. He's 6months. Has teeth, can sit up and can pinch. Everything goes in his mouth! So why when I give him a piece of bread or banana, he doesn't put them in his mouth? And when I mashed up bannanas for him and tried to spoon feed this weekend he actually made spitting noises and blew evey bit back out? I'm glad I did it so he got to "taste" Banana but we aren't in any hurry. I'll try again in a few weeks! Don't worry your milk changes with your baby and it's always exactly what baby needs!

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    Default Re: Frustrated abt BFing and solids and less wieght gain

    After six months of age, there are no hard and fast rules about how much solids to offer, when to give them, which solids in which order, etc. Personally, I feel that increasing amounts gradually is better for the baby--most transitions are handled more easily when done gradually right? I would try to follow cues from you baby rather than trying to feed exactly what a book says. If he's interested in solids, then by all means give them, but there's no reason to think he MUST eat three meals a day at regular meal times. You mentioned weight gain--are you having problems with baby gaining weight? Most solids (especially fruits and veggies) have fewer calories per oz. and less overall nutrition than breastmilk, so adding solids for weight gain in place of breastmilk isn't really a logical recommendation. As long as there is an adequate milk supply, baby can get all he needs from breastmilk. If you are concerned about weight, I'd be sure to always BF before offering solids, and then offer some high calorie, nutrient dense solids like avocado.

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