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Thread: low milk supply & questions about Medela PIS

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    Default low milk supply & questions about Medela PIS


    My son is 12 weeks old. I am back at work and pumping every 3 hours. I get only 1 ounce per session when I pump. I have been facing low milk supply problem since he was born, but when I feed him directly, I am sure I get more than one ounce. I use Medela Pump In style Advanced dual electic pump and even after pumping, I feel heavy and I can still extract milk from my breasts menually. I can feed the baby for atleast 10 minutes after I pump. I am afraid my milk supply will soon be close to nothing if I continue pumping during the day.

    Can anyone share their experience/ tips about Medela PIS advanced? ALso, if anyone knows any better pump that I can buy, please let me know.


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    I'm using the Medela PISA also and it works very well for me. The only exception to that was when my dad was very ill and on a ventilator for about 10 days. I was so worried/stressed, I was frequently unable to get more than a few drops. So, if stress is an issue - and even worrying about having a low supply can cause stress - then you may just be having difficulty acheiving a let down and not really a low supply, as you suspect. Things I did to compensate for the stress: TRY to relax, spend 10 minutes with your eyes closed and deep breathing with warm compresses on your breasts before beginning to pump. Drink lots of water and little caffine. Eat a little something and drink a little something while pumping. This sounds hard, but using your bra to help hold the pump horns can almost completely free up your hands. They also make a harness designed especially to hold them in place - which I'm sure works even better than your bra. Look at as many pictures of your baby as you can while you are pumping. Listen to a recording of a crying baby if possible (your's is best of course). I also eat a bowl of oatmeal each day. I am currently looking into Fenugreek and Mother's milk tea to see about increasing my supply during my menstrual cycles, because I do seem to have a drop now that AF seems to have returned.


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    Default Re: low milk supply & questions about Medela PIS

    Here's info about helping with pumping output:


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