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Thread: AF Return decrease in supply?

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    Question AF Return decrease in supply?

    I think I heard somewhere that when your fertility returns you may have a drop in supply. Well, AF is back, and I definitely am seeing a drop in supply - pumping at work I am getting about 15 oz per day for last 2 days, where I was getting 21-24 oz per day consistently. That feels like a HUGE drop in supply to me. Can I use Fenugreek and/or Mother's Milk Tea during this time of the month? And if so, where can I get them? Is there an online resource - my motto is: "Why shop when you can browse?"

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    Default Re: AF Return decrease in supply?

    This is pretty normal and increased feeds/pumping will rectify it within a day or two.

    If you are interested in those supplements you can do a search on the forum. I know moms have posted before about where to get them.
    But they do not work completely on their own. They still need to be taken along with increased milk removal.

    Hang in there, it will pass!

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