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Thread: Is potato ok for a 6 mo. old baby

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    Default Is potato ok for a 6 mo. old baby

    My LO will be 6 mo. on the 24th. We did not give him too much solids so far except a banana a couple of times and a potato a couple of times. Well, he loved the potato. Is it ok for him to eat it? I ask because I think he had diherria (i am sure this is spelled wrong) last time when he had a potato, but it was also spicy and from his dad's plate. That could be the reason.

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    Default Re: Is potato ok for a 6 mo. old baby

    My lo like redskin potatoes mixed with Avacado. Strange... I don't add andy butter, salt or pepper....
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    Default Re: Is potato ok for a 6 mo. old baby

    My lo loves potato as well. I can't remember how old she was when we started giving it to her, though. You could always try a small amount of blander potato and see if it upsets lo's tummy again. Watch close for a reaction and if you don't see one, increase the amt next time.

    Spicy foods don't upset my lo's tummy, but greasy foods definitely cause runny poops in her. I give her baked, roasted, or mashed potatoes, but not fried.
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    Default Re: Is potato ok for a 6 mo. old baby

    According to Super Baby Food (the only book I have on feeding LOs - not the one I recommend necessarily), potatoes are fine at 6 months. Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritionally-complete foods that nature provides us, if I remember correctly.
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