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Thread: Pasta and Chicken

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    So we tried some well cooked Rotini last night and it was spit right back out at me. I used whole wheat pasta, Healthy Harvest or something I think it was called. I broke each noodle into about 3 pieces. Any suggestions with how to do pasta? He just would put it in his mouth and push his tongue out and spit it out each time! Normally he loves finger foods so I thought he would definitely go for the pasta.
    Another question - I want to introduce chicken and was thinking of putting it in the crock pot with just some chicken broth to stew and then shredding it. Any other suggestions of how to serve chicken and beef for that matter?

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    Was there any flavor on the pasta? If not, try drizzling a little olive oil or butter over it- plain pasta is a little bland. Abigail likes hers with olive oil and a little parmesan cheese. She'll eat a full adult size portion before you can blink. She also likes spaghetti sauce, but that depends on if you've introduced tomatoes yet.

    For chicken and beef, we pretty much just gave her whatever we were eating- I didn't really prepare it differently for her. Just be sure to cut it into nice bite sized pieces like with everything else.

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    Default Re: Pasta and Chicken

    I was about to write the exact same thing as the above post.

    Nora loves pasta with parmesan and butter or olive oil.
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    My son loved to gnaw on a chicken drumstick that has been cooked till soft. He would hold it in his hand and just go at it till it was down to the bone, and then he would strip even that of the tendons!

    He also liked chicken lightly fried with a bit of garlic. Stewed might have been a bit bland for him, and he didn't like that much.
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    DD hated finger-feeding pasta or anything slippery - think it was the texture. We rolled it in fine breadcrumb or cereal dust and she ate it right up.
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    Would you believe we asked our ped this question on Thursday at our 9 month visit and he told me the best way to feed meats is out of a jar!!!! We do feed some stuff out of a jar (Earths Best) but the meat ones gross me out and there have to be some other options!

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    Pasta and chicken are both huge favorites over here. Rielly-Anne will eat any type of pasta, but she prefers some flavor to it. All of the pps suggestions were good. We also melt a bit of cheese over ours sometimes and mix in a few veggies. She also like ground turkey mixed in with her pasta.

    For chicken we usually bake it with a bit of seasoning, but Rielly-Anne's favorite way to eat it is out of the crockpot. I stuff a whole chicken with peeled, quartered onions, sprinkle the outside with whatever seasoning I choose, add a bit of water and let is slow cook for several hours. The meat literally falls off the bones, but it's also soft and moist and flavorful.

    I also recommend giving the entire chicken leg, but watch out for hard pieces.

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