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Thread: Need help please!!

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    Default Need help please!!

    I originally wanted to breastfeed my son, but his jaw was set farther back than normal and I don't have defined nipples so latching on was hard for him. We tried to use a nipple shield, but it wouldn't stay on well at all, and he wound up swallowing more air than milk, so he was miserable and gassy. I switched to formula the first night home because he was so hungry and I just couldn't provide any milk for him. He's 8wks old now and I'd like to at least be able to supplement with expressed breast milk. Is there anything I can do or take to increase my milk supply again.

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    Don't be afraid to call your local leader she can give you more info..
    you'll need a good pump! renting a hospital grade one would be a good way to go..
    heres a page from kelly moms about pumping when baby isn't nurseing any at the breast..
    it might take a while of pumping alot to get your milk supply back to a normal supply but it can be done.

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