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Thread: pedi's advice: stop nighttime nursing

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    Totally do what you think is right for your lo. At my lo's 6 month check up, he was eating once in the night adn pedi said I could cut out that feed if I wanted. Well, we were not ready then, but in the last few weeks we have decided to night wean. Well, took lo to the pedi today and he did not gain ANY weight in the last month or so! When she asked what was going on, I said nothign, he is eating great but we are night weaning . . . she then says, well maybe you need to go slower with that . . . well, I am not ready to give up night weaning (I just believe that if we are to continue having a positive bf relationship, I need to reclaim the nights) Anyway . . .all this rambling to say: the moral of the story is go with what you think is best for your LO's bc the pedi does NOT know your child adn they COULD change their minds!

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    I agree with everyone.

    Funnily enough, my sons doc has never mentioned night weaning him and he's 30 lbs at 8 months (tomorrow). She just reassures us that some BF babies are blobs and it all works out once they're more mobile.

    Nice work, Ma!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrea_ohio View Post
    I think your smarter then your doctor, if your listening to your baby...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollyb View Post
    I agree with the pp. It sounds like you are doing great!
    I respect my pedi but I politely disregarded his advice to nightwean as well. When it comes down to it, this is not medical advice, kwim?
    "HERE-HERE" Me too! My Pedi said at her 4 mo appt, that I should stop the middle of the night feeds... why?.... because he said caloricly she did not need it anymore... my response.... "are you kidding me? She was born 6 weeks early, is 4 months old, weighs only 11.5 lbs, and is only in the 3rd percentile. Sure, she is gaining plenty of weight, since she was only a 5 lb preemie.... but I think that if she wants it ... why not! She has a lot of catchin up to do IMO!! LOL

    So I also agree with the other pp!
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