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Thread: Low Milk Supply- Desperate need of help!

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    Default Low Milk Supply- Desperate need of help!

    My daughter is 11 days old and I have a low milk supply. I tried to nurse with my son, but I barely had any milk so I had to go to formula. I really want to nurse my daughter and am desperate. I did have a c-section with both children. Has any other c-section moms had a delayed inset of milk?

    I am pumping after every feeding and am supplementing using a Medela SNS tube. When I do pump (using a Medela Pump in Style) I barely get anything, only a few mLs. I am also drinking Mother's Milk Tea. Im not sure else what I can do...

    Could it be possible that in a few weeks my milk will come in more? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply- Desperate need of help!

    Why do you believe you don't have enough milk? How many wet & poopy diapers does your DD have daily? What has her weight gain been like? How is she acting?

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply- Desperate need of help!

    My daughter lost over a pound since birth, over the 10% of weight loss the drs like to see. I went to see the Lactation Consultants at the hospital in town and they have diagnosed me with insufficient milk supply based on weight gain and what I can pump. My daughter is now gaining weight, but due to the formula (she is getting 1 1/2 oz of formula per feeding).

    When I was trying to nurse her exclusively she would cry and pull off. She would get extremely frustrated while trying to nurse. My breasts did not change very much and I have never had that "full" feeling that I hear a lot of women talk about. My mother-in-law and a friend of mine, both of which had c-sections, told me that their milk did not really come in until 2 weeks or later. Does this happen a lot with c-section moms?

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply- Desperate need of help!

    I had a C-section and my milk came in after about 3 days. Did you get to nurse your LO within an hour? I'm not sure if that would make a difference.

    As for increasing your supply, water, pump, water, pump, eat oatmeal, take fenugreek, mother's milk tea, water, water, and more water. Oh, and pump, too.

    I had issues with supply, and there were times when I was pumping after every single nursing session, day and night. It was a pain, but it worked.

    Is it possible for you to rent a hospital grade pump? They are more efficient at getting the milk out and stimulating your breasts than the PIS.

    Sorry, I'm just kind of thinking out loud here.

    There is also a thread for milk-boosting cookies here.

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