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Thread: Update :)

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    do call your local leader she can give you more info about getting the baby to the breast..
    You can count diapars every day and thats helpfull to see if the baby is getting the milk they need.

    I bet the doctor will give you more info when you get closer to bringing baby home.
    Is there a Lc at the hospital that you can talk to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakawaka View Post
    Great news that he will be home soon

    I also was unsure about breastfeeding on demand at home. What helped us was weight check every couple of days (We were lucky our insurance covers nurse visits) and also visit our hospital's lactation clinic for weight check and test weight. I also talked with our lactation consultant on the phone frequently.

    Could you arrange working with lactation consultant within 2 days after discharge? That was a recommendation of our NICU lactation consultant.

    Also please don't panic like I did if Hayden's nursing behavior change right after discharge. My Penga refused to nurse during the first week post NICU. I got lots of supports here, and it was just that Penga was adjusting to her life outside of NICU.

    Just wanted to say how very EXCITING and gratifying it is to watch someone who not long ago needed support now being someone graciously offering the best kind of "been there, done that" support! It is just so very good to be able to be part of your "blooming"! Thanks for being there for other moms now!

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    He's coming home next Wednesday!!! There was a lactation consultant at the hospital and she says that for newbies we're doing great! He isn't however eating enough at the breast that that can be his sole source of food right now. This is really discouraging to me but they're still really big about counting calories. However on Wednesday expect me to be on here ALL day trying to figure it out!!!!!

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     Yes, I am so happy for you that you now have the set day for D Day! Also great news that Hayden is doing great

    At this point, I think he will do better and better each day. I am sure by next Wednesday, he will take more than he does now

    PS. thank you Karen, my hero, for very kind words
    - - - Penga (@ 32 weeks gestational) and my DH

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    & no more!

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