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Thread: need help on nightweaning...DS eats like bird during day

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    Unhappy need help on nightweaning...DS eats like bird during day

    Any suggestions on what to do with a child who eats little during the day and wants to nightfeed even though mama wants to nightwean?

    DS is 18 mo and always nurses before bed. I don't have so much a problem with that as the fact that most nights he's waking and wants to nurse after being asleep for about 3 hours. Our family needs our sleep (DH is tired all the time at work) and I am 3 mo pg, am always tired too, and now nipples are becoming really sore. I tried to find the Dr. Jay Gordon nightweaning article, but can't seem to find it on his website. Perhaps someone knows where I could locate it online. We haven't tried refusing the boob just yet. I wanted to read up a little first. I did think of giving him a snack or drink when he wakes but I just don't think he'll be all that happy with that. The other night I tried holding off giving him the boob (just to see if he'd go back to sleep) and he would not have any of that! It was only 10 min but he was FURIOUS. I've tried rocking him to sleep, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Sometimes I get him to sleep, lay him back down in the crib and he stirs and wakes again screaming. I'm not all that patient with him (or anyone!!) during the middle of the night and get frustrated easily and end up boobing him anyway. I have thought about giving him a bottle, but honestly he hasn't had a bottle for about 13 mo now so I don't really want to start it now.
    Most of his problem is that he eats like a bird during the day and I think he really is hungry more than half the time he nightwakes. We give him a snack 1/2 hr before bed hoping to fill the belly up. Sometimes he sleeps all night, others not.
    Hoping someone else has "been there, done that" and has some help to offer!

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    Default Re: need help on nightweaning...DS eats like bird during day

    Hi Lori,
    I'll look up that article for you.
    In the meantime I have to add that I know its really nerve wracking to have a baby that doesn't eat much during the day. I have one of those. Being pregnant on top of everything sounds like you are probably getting exhausted. My responce will bump this post to the top and maybe you will get a few more responses.

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    Default Re: need help on nightweaning...DS eats like bird during day

    ATDT (am there, doing that). K pretty much grazes during the day (with me anyway). I nurse her whenever we are together - all weekend and first thing in the morning from 4 or 5 am until I get out of bed at 6am during the week. she will nurse about 1-2 times then. And also first thing when I get home until bedtime at 8 (last feeding's at 9am). I followed the Dr. Jay Gordon method (give or take) and it's working just great. I've linked it here for you.

    With solids, I try to be consistent in offering her meals. I know during the week the nanny's doing an awesome job of getting her to eat. It was just up to me to follow that during the weekend. We always have breakfast together and dinner together. Her portions are a lot smaller than I would like but within the norms. Just continue to offer nutritious snacks and meals and you should be ok. Here's the link, HTH


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    Default Re: need help on nightweaning...DS eats like bird during day

    thanks for both of your responses...not too many seem to have this problem as hardly any responses! The last few nights he has slept through the night and is doing much better. Thank goodness...actually a restful nights sleep for all of us! I hope I don't jinx it b/c I told you that. But we will be changing up his schedule a little and getting him in bed earlier so I'm hoping it doesn't bring on the night feedings again! We'll see...wish me luck!!

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