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Thread: toddler nursing positions?

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    My little guy started sitting up in my lap (and often BOUNCING on his feet while latched on!!) when he was 8 mos old. As he got taller, he just adjusted his "lean", and stuck his feet around on the side. It was actually a great position, because he could fall asleep easily that way, and people usually thought he was just snuggling - made for pretty easy NIP!
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    We do a semi-cradle hold, although her legs don't really fit on the chair anymore. She sort of stradles the leg opposite the side she's nursing on. She is pretty petite though. And she definitely has her acrobatic nursing moments!
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    Let's see..sometimes my twin boys sit and nurse, sometimes they stand and nurse, other times one is in the cradle and the other football. Sometimes they criss cross each other. It all depends I guess :
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