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Thread: How to pump???

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    Default How to pump???

    Ok I need to pump for tomorrow night - maybe 3-6 oz .... How do I do this when she demands so much now?

    If I pump - She'll be upset during her next feeding because the flow will be slower because I pumped ...

    If I don't pump, I'll never have enough...

    2ndly - Last night was the first night I wasn't engorged at all .... and my daughter was not happy about that. She loves the engorged feedings as she gets all she needs to sleep happily .... at 2am she was upset w/ the slow flow and that started the whole day bad....

    so #1 - Pumping times?
    #2 - How can I make myself engorged at night? lol ..... i rather deal w/ the uncomfortable feeling of engorgement then feel I'm not satisfying my baby's thirst/hunger.

    *I have a Medela PIS .... double and it's the original....

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    Default Re: How to pump???

    I am very new to this myself but I can tell you for certain that you will have a lot more milk in the morning so if you only intend to do it for one bottle I would pump about 15 minutes after her first morning feed. Stor in fridge til you are ready to use that night.

    This morning my baby fed for 30 minutes then I still managed to pump a good 6 ounces after that. Later in the day I am down to just an ounce or so.

    So feed her in the morning then try pumping after that. If it's not working, have a nice warm shower to see if that can bring on another let down.

    Don't know if this is helpful or not, like I said I am new to this myself but the morning pump has been the best and most productive for me.

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    Default Re: How to pump???

    Just to chime in here....and don't yelp that this is crazy, because it really does work.... if you can pump some about 30 minutes BEFORE you do your first morning feeding (i know, sometimes it's hard to guestimate when that will be), you may get a really excellent bit to store! Your breasts are never really empty and your baby will indeed stimulate another letdown when she is ready to feed - especially first thing in the AM when your body is still feeling the effects of increased prolactin production overnight, so don't worry about DD not getting her milk when you BF after pumping! I used this technique to build a really large freezer stash before having to go back to work. I also tried - for about 6 or 8 months - to pump one hour after DS's last feeding for the night. By 'last of the night' I mean the last feeding before I put him down in his crib and he had his longest block of sleep time (anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending). Gave that up quite a while ago, but it also helped me stash another 3-5 oz per day. But the AM extra pump session really was the storage builder!
    Good luck,

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    Default Re: How to pump???

    You don't mention how old your baby is. Pumping success was slow at first for me. Your comfort, success, and quantity will increase with time and practice. Once you get the hang of it, try pumping on one side while nursing on the other. You'll still have some left when she wants to switch sides. There is nothing that can compare with BF for letdown. And, if it hurts to pump, stop. It's like a poor latch--if you get sore, something isn't right.

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    Default Re: How to pump???

    I also pump about one hour after dd goes to bed, although I get very little this time of day. If I am going out the next night and need milk quick, I will also pump about 20-30 minutes after she goes down for each nap (and my output gets progressively lower as the day goes on). If I'm desperate, I'll get up in the middle of the night (maybe 2 hrs after a nighttime feeding).

    One week I had to go out 2 nights so I did this for 2 days and I had a great milk supply after that! It really is supply and demand so after a couple days of pumping you'll be engorged I bet.

    2 tips to make pumping easier if you're going to be doing it several times a day--you can rinse your parts and sterilize them in a Medela microwave bag (available at Babies R Us and through some LCs). Or some people I know (and I have tried this too but not with a newborn) just put their parts in a zipper bag in the fridge and pull it out each time they pump without rinsing or washing. You can leave the parts attached to the bottle and everything so it's not a hassle. I don't see why this wouldn't be okay since the milk doesn't spoil in the fridge. But I wouldn't do it for more than one day and I wouldn't leave them in there overnight.

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